We Bridge the Gap Between Design Concept and Project Completion

Pantheon USA is the only full service custom creative design and manufacturing agency in the Americas with the experience and deep manufacturing capabilities to create extraordinarily unique products for our partners to elevate their brand and guest experience.

Virtually Limitless Capabilities

We design and manufacture products utilizing rich materials such as leatherware, wood, lacquerware, steel, glass, acrylic, resin, fabrics and more.

Infinite Possibilities

We produce a wide array of trend-setting products that enhance your brand and guest experience. Our products are found in luxury hotel guest rooms, bath, spas, room service, restaurants, meeting rooms, banquets, lobby and public areas. We service all markets worldwide, along with retailers and b2b customers.

Most of our products are customized based upon specifications provided by designers, distributors or purchasing companies. We offer diverse options from creating your own product for a hotel project, distribution or private label for other suppliers.

We pride ourselves in delivering a service that is personal and professional. We have a wealth of experience, and look forward to working with you.Please contact info@pantheon-usa.com for more information regarding product needs, minimums, pricing and delivery time.

Unbelievably Unique Designs
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Our Services

Personalized Support
From the first interaction to the last, we offer unparalleled support and create streamlined solutions to make the process as simple and easy as possible.
Strategy & Consultation
With our combined decades of experience, our team can find solutions to deep nested potential roadblocks before they become issues and chart the best path to get you the products you need as quickly as possible.
Project Management
We work with our manufacturers throughout the world to plan ahead and ensure that your personalized products are ready right when you need them.
Comprehensive After Sales Support
We establish partnerships that go well beyond the delivery of the products and are available to support you with any questions or concerns you may have long after the initial debut.
Product Development
We'll draw on our manufacturing and design experience to create custom products that are both practical and specific to your location and that complement and elevate the theme and aesthetic.
Realize your vision
Get in touch to start creating the perfect customer experience. Let's blow your customers away.
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